We want to see a fundamental shift in the lives of our young people, especially the most excluded and disadvantaged. Influencing systems is a slow, strategic process.

For our Collaborative fund, we’ll be investing in processes that drive systems change – convening conversations, supporting joined up thinking and working, enabling collaborative innovation and hosting collective influence.

For us, disruption means investing in positive systems disruptors, collaborating with emerging leaders and influencers to create and accelerate a movement for system change.

Our collaboration and disruption funds will see us continue some current funding partnerships and working on discovering the most useful contributions we can make. We’ll be working with our advisory network, alumni whanau, government and wider community to set additional priority areas for the year ahead.



Our current, continuing partnerships include ongoing funding of VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai and the Alternative Education Futures Project.

VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai is an independent connection and advocacy service, set up in partnership with care experienced children and young people, four philanthropic funders (The Tindall Foundation, Foundation North, Todd Foundation and Vodafone New Zealand Foundation), the Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, and community organisations such as Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services and Dingwall Trust.

The funders harnessed ‘the power of four’ to generate significant change in the foster care system. You can read the story of and lessons learned from this collaboration in the report The Power Of Four – Lessons from the VOYCE collaboration.

VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai connects children and young people in care to build a positive care identity, advocate with them and influence the development of services to ensure their individual and collective rights are upheld. More information at www.voyce.org.nz

At this stage, these are not contestable funds. We are currently concentrating on work with Todd, Tindall, Foundation north and Oranga Tamariki to support Voyce Whakarongo Mai and with Te Ora Hou, The Wayne Francis Charitable Trust and the Alternative Education consortium on the Alternative Education Futures project.