Evaluation of our programmes

A few years ago, the Vodafone NZ Foundation commissioned the evaluation of three World of Difference projects – DZIAH Dance Academy, Naenae Boxing Academy and Streets Ahead 237.

Download the full report here (464Kb)


Sheridan’s update

The last few weeks the lemons have ripened and we have had so many to pick! The MOXIE crew have been picking the beautiful yellow lemons and putting them in crates.

We have then been taking the crates off to Fresh Direct where we sell them. It is such a great process for our guys to be involved with and such a satisfying feeling to see the lemons being sent off when they have been working so hard to look after them.

Next term we are starting up our Gardening and Produce team!! We are all excited for it and can’t wait to see what the team will cook up in the kitchen. We will be making jams, preserves and much more! We then hope to be selling this produce at a stall or a market! Watch this space for more updates 🙂


Programme development

Programme development

We have been so happy and grateful with Vodafone’s help in connecting us with Skills NZ which will be a huge step towards the development of our Waka Programmes that will be assisting to increase the achievement credit levels 2 and above for Youth in our region in the subjects Sciences and Maths.

Tony Laulu (second from the right) from Skills New Zealand with his youth host for the day Raniera Taniwha (first on the left) and Waka facilitator / carver / waka builder Billy Harrison at our Waka building Whare / facility in Aurere Northland.

Stuart Lawrence (centre) National Manager Maori from Skills New Zealand with Hector Busby (left) Master Waka Builder, Master Carver, Celestrial Navigator, Tohunga at the Kapehu Whetu (Star Compass) in Aurere Northland.


Encouraging and building leadership

Recently Minister of Education Hekia Parata announced that digital technology is to be formally integrated into the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Matauranga o Aotearoa.

“It will ensure that we have an education system that prepares children and young people for a future where digital fluency will be critical for success.” (Min. Parata).

This hui brings together a number of expert speakers to talk about how technology and culture together can empower community development, education and economic potential for indigenous people.

Anyone involved in the education and transformational development of Maori and Pasifika youth and communities have been invited to this hui.

In line with our leadership programme our youth were able to attend this Indigenous Innovations Hui which gave our youth the opportunity to have an insight into where technology fits into education and employment and how traditional practises could be maintained and preserved in a modern contemporary setting.

Here are some testimonies from the youth about their experiences at the conference:

It was such an awesome experience learning how different people are willing to help young indigenous kids futures. One thing I will take away from this is how you can bring technology and your culture together to help your education.” (Mahina Busby 14yrs)

“It was interesting to learn about intellectual property and how tech (computers) effects the Maori race, it is so important for our future oi think, such a cool time” (Ngaroma Gardner 14yrs)

“I liked when the people talked in the conference about future developments in technology that will help us as youth to learn better, it was cool to see other youth there too and hang out with them, next time be cool to tell them about what we do in waka.” (Dakota Peters 16yrs)
Nga Waka Youth interacting with Youth from other regions around Aotearoa.

Nga Waka Youth Leadership team



E rere kau mai te awa nui nei

Mai i te kahui maunga ki Tangaroa

Ko au te awa

Ko te awa ko au.

The river flows

From the mountains to the sea

I am the river

The river is me.

Our Awa is the lifeblood of the whänau, hapu, Iwi.

We continue to build relationships will those in our community that are able to create educational and employment pathway for our rangatahi.


Looking for different ways of doing things – our Iwi liaison coordinator, acting Sergeant Vinnie Heihei is a regular vistor at Nga Hononga Marae Trust


Whanganui Council has a new CE, is important we get to meet him – Chief Executive Kym Fell and his team visits Nga Hononga Marae Trust

img_20160520_114438       img_20160520_114111

Our tamariki and their whänau, so important…

Who said we’re isolated? What a beautiful day at with Whanau at Hiruharama visiting the Sisters of Compassion with Decan Danny from the Palmerston Diocesan

What does achievement look like?

I would have responded to this question differently several years ago when I worked in mainstream education. I have been so blessed to be given new perspective.

What does achievement look like?

This is Waikohu and her darling daughter, Ryker-Lee. Her academic learning journey has been difficult and rocky, however after three years, a baby and massive life learning, Waikohu completed Level 1 NCEA! I can’t explain how excited, proud and emotional I am. Because of Level 1 NCEA? Not exactly. Its more about a young mother who is growing in self-confidence, nurturing of her child and extending her personal experiences to incorporate success for her baby AND about a young parent who has, against all odds, clung to a dream of achieving in order to offer the best for her daughter.

posted by Julene Kapao

Multi-generational learning at its nest

Multi-generational learning at its nest

Today I was asked to pick up our newest mum on van run. Her little man is six weeks old and mum wanted to reconnect with our other young parents. When our new bubbas arrive we always encourage their mums to have them in the Adult Learning Space to enhance attachment. Today this picture was captured of wee bubby nestled in his crib next to mummy and her friend sharing youtube goodness. I love that meaningful learning pathways encompasses these young mothers AND their children.


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Building and working hard!

Building and working hard!

The last few weeks our guys a long with John (Dad of one of our participants) built us our very own toilet at the Orchard! It was so amazing to see everyone getting involved. From cutting wood, to mixing and pouring concrete to painting and putting everything together we finally got our toilet finished after 3 weeks!

It is so great to finally have a toilet down at the orchard and have our own space! Super proud of all the boys work! Our Orchard is continuing to look beautiful and we can’t wait until the lemons come into session!

Posted by Sheridan Jackson