Applications for this programme are now open!

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Please submit your application before 4pm on Tuesday 14 January 2019. Any questions about your application should be directed to You can apply in one of two ways:

Tënä tukua mai tö tono i mua i te 4pm, Türei te 14 o Kohitätea. Ina he pätai äu e hängai ana ki tö tono, tukua mai ki

  • The online application form, below
  • A YouTube video of you introducing yourself and giving your answers to the questions on the form. You send us the link to your video after you’ve uploaded it to YouTube. If you want to use this method, fill out the first part of the form below, and use the drop-down option ‘yes’ to let us know you are making a video submission

Quick criteria checklist for before you apply

To save you time, please make sure you fit our minimum funding requirements before filling out the application form.

  • I am applying on behalf of a registered New Zealand charity
  • My project is innovative, and not business as usual
  • My project has a youth focus, and works primarily with at least one or more of these 5 key focus groups
  • No more than 15% of what I’m applying for is operational overhead costs
  • My project is not any of the following: research or an intervention around a specific disability or physical intervention, the generation of short films or web-series (unless supported by ongoing youth development), a one-off event, or a short-term intervention

Please note you are not able to save a draft version of your application in this online form. We recommend preparing your answers in a save-able document then filling out this form when you’re ready.

Ko te rärangi paearu hei äta tirotiro i mua i te täpae tono

Kia pai ai te whakatau mehemea e tika ana kia tukua mai tö tono, tënä tirohia te rärangi paearu nei i mua i tö whakakïkï i te puka tono.

  • E tukua ana te tono mö tëtahi röpü oha kua rëhitatia ki Aotearoa
  • He kaupapa auaha, ehara i mahi mäori noa
  • He kaupapa e arotahi atu ana ki te hunga rangatahi, ä, e whai pänga atu ana ki tëtahi, ki ëtahi ränei o ngä röpü täpua e 5 nei
  • Käore ngä utu whakahaere e nui ake i te 15% o te huinga pütea e tonoa ana
  • Ehara taku kaupapa i tëtahi o ënei momo: ehara i te rangahau, i te wawaotanga ränei mö ngä ähua o te hauätanga, ehara i te kiriata, i te hötaka ipurangi (ki te kore e taunakihia e ngä mahi whakawhanake i te hunga rangatahi), ehara i te hui rangitahi, ehara ränei i te kaupapa rangitahi

Käore e taea te tiaki ngä tuhinga hukihuki ki te puka tono i te ipurangi. He pai kë atu kia tuhia e koe ö whakautu ki tëtahi wähi kë atu, kätahi ka tärua ki te puka tono nei hei te wä e rite ai.

Innovation Fund application form

You can find yours here if you don’t know it.

We are not accepting public applications for scale funding this round. If you are a current community partner interested in applying for scale funding please contact your grants advisor about the application form.

Pütea Käkano, Pütea Kökiri ränei. Tënä, whakapä mai ina e whai kë ana koe i te Pütea Whakawhanake.

Questions to respond to in your video

  • Tënä, whakamäramahia mai tö kaupapa.
  • Whakamärama mai, ka pëhea ngä rangatahi e panäia ana, otirä, ngä rangatahi e noho taumaha ana e whai hua i roto tö kaupapa.
  • Ka pëhea tö kaupapa e whakamahi i te äo hangarau?
  • Ngä tatauranga rangatahi:
    • Tokohia ngä rangatahi ka whai hua i roto i te kaupapa nei?
    • Ka täea hoki tënei tatauranga te whakapiki a ngä rä o äpöpö?
  • Ki öu whakaaro, he aha i matea ai te kaupapa, otirä, he aha i whai take ai te kaupapa i tënei wä?
  • He aha te take e hiahia nei koe/koutou ki te mahi tahi ki te Vodafone New Zealand Foundation?
  • Whakamäramahia mai ngä ähuatanga ki te taha pütea:
    • He aha nui o te pütea e ea ai te kaupapa?
    • Ka pëhea te pütea nei e whakamahia?
    • Ka pëhea te roa kia whai hua ai, otirä, kia ea ngä mahi?
  • Please describe your project, idea or programme.
  • Tell us how your project, idea or programme will affect excluded or disadvantaged youth.
  • How will your project, idea or programme utilise technology?
  • How many young people will your project, idea or programme affect, and is there any potential for scale in the future?
  • Why do you think that your project, idea or programme is currently needed?
  • Why do you want to partner with the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation?
  • Tell us some details about your budget, funding category and anticipated timeframes.

Here are some quick guidelines for video quality

  • Avoid a shakey phone camera, by using a tripod, or prop up your camera or phone using a shelf or something in your house.
  • Videos from your phone, or webcam videos from your desktop computer or laptop are fine. You’ll need to be able to upload it to YouTube.
  • Natural light helps, but not bright, direct sunlight.
  • You can upload your video to YouTube at original (full) quality, and allow YouTube to compress it.
  • Sound should be as nice and clear as possible. Find a nice quiet room. Avoid making it outside where there is wind, or anywhere there is ambient noise.
  • We aren’t looking for slick editing or post-production effects, just a straight recording of you speaking to the camera.

Good luck!

  • Nama Rätonga Kaupapa Atawhai – Charities Number
  • mörahi kupu – upper word limit
  • panäia - excluded
  • noho taumaha ana - disadvantaged
  • hangarau - technology
  • matea - needed
  • toimata - vision
  • paheketanga - failures
  • angitü - success