Long-term relationships are great – there’s time to understand each other, explore similarities and differences and really grow together. The Vodafone Foundation has had long term funding partnerships running since 2014 through our World of Difference Extension Programme, our Alumni Grants and our Technology Grants.

At the completion of their funded year, our World of Difference and Fellowship recipients were invited to apply for the Extension Partnership Programme. The Extension grants involved a three-year funding commitment, allowing our partner organisations to build on their achievements and scale their work.

We are currently supporting ten organisations through the extension grants – The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa, Springboard Community Works, Whangarei Youth Services Trust, Tuia Charitable Trust, Te Ora Hou Otautahi, Great Potentials Foundation, Naenae Charitable Trust, the University of Auckland and Te Aroha Noa and The MOKO Foundation.



Our Alumni Grants Programme provided World of Difference and Fellowship recipients to engage with us in new ways. We provided funding for alumni to work together on a project, to pool their skills and resources to start something new.

Out of this programme came Cultivate Christchurch, designed and developed by Fiona Stewart and Bailey Peryman. They have developed a social enterprise that supplies Christchurch city with daily produce, turns waste into compost and gives young people meaningful learning and working opportunities on their urban farm and within the local food sector.



Alongside these World of Difference programmes, we also have the Technology Development Grants, to support the development, implementation or growth of technology-focused solutions to youth development issues in Aotearoa.

We were looking for scalable, transformative solutions appropriate to the local context and with the potential for international applicability. We used an innovation pipeline approach, providing seed funding to give recipients the time and resources to develop their ideas. After the initial grant period, recipients had the opportunity to come back to the foundation with a more fully developed proposal, to discuss further funding, resulting in a partnership with Zeal and the Live For Tomorrow Online Crisis Intervention programme.