At the Foundation, we’re working to build knowledge and share data. To achieve our goals in supporting rangatahi to thrive, we want to have confidence we are making progress towards this through useful information which tells us about the experiences and realities of young people. One way we do this is through OHI Data Navigator, previously the Thriving Rangatahi Population Explorer.

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Launched in 2021, the Data Navigator is a free interactive platform which draws on government and community data. This tool will allow users to explore population-level data to improve and inform their work.

We can explore, for example, how young people living in a particular area are faring in areas like education, health, housing, income, and employment. It can also tell us how often these rangatahi are interacting with protective services or the justice system; how they perceive their own level of wellbeing, their cultural identity, and their level of social connectedness.

Intended to support those working to enable better outcomes for our young people, the OHI Data Navigator will provide in-depth data allowing those funding and delivering services for rangatahi to make informed decisions.

Access to the data navigator is available at no cost to all organisations and individuals working to deliver better outcomes for rangatahi in Aotearoa.

For more information about OHI Data Navigator visit the website here