The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation is dedicated to creating a thriving and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand, where all young people can live lives they value. But according to Treasury New Zealand there are 210,000 children and young people who don’t have access to the resources and opportunities they need to grow into the great adults they want to be.

The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation is on a 10 year, $20 million journey to transform the lives of 210,000 young people.

We believe these levels of disadvantage are unacceptable. That’s why, between 2017 and 2027, we’ve committed to halving the number of children and young people who fall into high risk categories. We believe that with the right attitude, information, and partners we can help more than half of these young people defy statistics and grow up to lead lives they value. We have a vision for a future where all children are able to thrive, where together, we’ve changed the story of the 5 year old at 15, and the 15 year old at 25. We have a vision of a future that’s as bright as kiwi kids are.



We’ll be concentrating our efforts on funding innovative strategies, working with the most excluded and disadvantaged and making the biggest impact. We’ll be partnering with people who are willing to commit to a new programme of work to significantly transform lives across the country. We’re finding collaborative, holistic models of practice that work with complexity, look at multiple success factors and use a long-term lens.

We’ll be enacting our strategy through three funding programmes focused on innovation, collaboration and disruption, we’ll be using a lens of constant learning and iteration and, most importantly, we’ll be bringing the Power of Vodafone.

Our new funding streams will aim to generate impacts in five key areas:

  • Youth Justice
  • Care and protection
  • Long term beneficiaries
  • Rangatahi Mäori
  • & Meaningful Learning

That doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on programmes working directly with those young people, but on the systems, environments, contexts and ecosystems that wrap around and contain their lives.

This is an ambitious goal. But if philanthropy, community, government, Iwi and business come together and we all bring our unique resources to the table, we believe we can do it. And in fact, we believe it’s our obligation to try.

Forget the talk – now is the time for action. We’re committed: ten years, 20 million dollars and a world of difference.

You can read our new strategy here (PDF, 1MB).