“Our organisation exists because of the World of Difference support. It’s been the biggest enabler. It’s enabled me as an individual as well our organisation to grow and support rangatahi success in our community.”

Kahurangi Taylor, Founder and Project Development Manager at Te Ara Rangatahi.

The World of Difference Programme

The World of Difference was the flagship programme of Te Rourou, Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation for 15 years, supporting more than 80 extraordinary individuals to make a difference to young people all over Aotearoa New Zealand.

The World of Difference Programme launched in November 2002 and finished in March 2018. The programme enabled passionate people to work for a New Zealand youth charity for one year. We supported them financially and professionally so they could concentrate on creating change. The World of Difference aims to grow the skills and leadership of individuals, build the capacity and capability of the organisation and generate positive outcomes for young people.

Each year, 4-10 individuals received funding of $100,000 to go towards salary, expenses and project costs. We believe that financial support is only a small part of what we do. The Foundation also provides wrap-around support via: virtual learning sessions on topics like governance and communication; connections to Vodafone mentors and business partners; annual hui and networking events; access to additional funding though the business fundraising events; support to leverage additional funding from the Foundation team; and access to highly skilled volunteers from within Vodafone.

We are incredibly proud of the World of Difference programme and the grant recipients. We maintain a strong relationship with many past recipients through our Alumni network and grants programmes. You can read about our evaluation of the programme here.

The World of Difference Fellowship

The World of Difference Fellowship was a programme designed to support the leadership development of youth sector leaders. We know that having capable, well-resourced leaders is an integral part of making change.

Thinking about and understanding the best ways to generate change can be difficult when you’re busy in the doing. That’s why we developed the World of Difference Fellowship. Between and 2011 and 2017, we provided 8 individuals with $90,000 to take a year out of their ordinary work and develop their skills, understanding and leadership, with a vision to influencing youth sector change and increasing their personal success. The Fellowship built a network of alumni and provided access mentoring, professional support and volunteering opportunities.