Cultivate Christchurch

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I believe
youth inspiration is key to a changing world.

Cultivate Christchurch is building a network of urban farms propagated and powered by the next generation. They support young people to work with them while planting, growing and harvesting their own veggies and connecting with other people in the community.


Text CULTIVATE to 4644 to donate $3 to Cultivate Christchurch and support their mahi engaging youth in urban farming and developing their employment skills*.


Fiona Stewart and Bailey Peryman believe healthy soil equals health plants and ultimately healthy people and urban farming connects people for healthy communities – that’s why they started Cultivate Christchurch in 2015. Their urban farms are safe places for the youth to engage with the land, learn gardening and employability skills and work with the wider community, which enables their positive integration and contribution in urban Christchurch.

Cultivate is a social enterprise that supplies Christchurch city with daily produce, turns its waste into compost while giving young people meaningful learning and working opportunities on site and within the local food sector.


*Please note: each text will automatically charge your mobile account $3, please ask the bill payer or mobile account holder. This service is only available until the 31st January 2018.