Sheridan Jackson

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I believe
in equal opportunities for all young people.

Young people with disabilities encounter many different forms of negative barriers every day and this can be especially challenging when trying to transition from teen years to adulthood, gain employment or move towards increased independence.

Sheridan believes in giving all young people equal opportunities and is working with Recreate to break down the negative barriers and support youth with intellectual disabilities prepare for the next steps in their lives.


Text RECREATE to 4644 to donate $3 to Recreate and support Sheridan’s work providing youth with disabilities meaningful work experience*.


During World of Difference, Sheridan grew a programme called MOXIE that provides meaningful work experience and develops skills that can be used later in life. MOXIE includes pathways such as a Vehicle Valet, Cleaning, Orchard Project, Gardening groups and product making teams.

All the projects are inclusive, fun and engaging. At one of the Orchards there are over 160 trees which the youth maintain and learn how to use a lawn-mower and gardening tools, build health and safety awareness, pick fruit and grow team building skills. Part of the produce goes straight into the product making team that turns the fruit into preserves and delicious jams!


*Please note: each text will automatically charge your mobile account $3, please ask the bill payer or mobile account holder. This service is only available until the 31st January 2018.