Victoria Hearn

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I believe
no young person deserves to be homeless.


Victoria Hearn believes that access to housing is a basic human right. Without a safe place to live it’s difficult for young people to access education, get employment or support themselves financially. That’s why Victoria joined the team at Lifewise to focus on providing accommodation and support options that help young people maximise their choices and assist them to reach their full potential.


Text LIFEWISE to 4644 to donate $3 to Lifewise and support Victoria’s work with young people experiencing homelessness*.


Becoming an independent adult is a challenge at the best of times, but it’s that much harder when you’ve had a disrupted childhood and no safe, stable place to live.

By providing stable accommodation and support, young people are able to have a base to build from and a chance to develop independent living skills and be supported to access education, employment and long-term housing. With the Vodafone Foundation’s help Victoria can dedicate her time to Lifewise and together, we can end homelessness.


*Please note: each text will automatically charge your mobile account $3, please ask the bill payer or mobile account holder. This service is only available until the 31st January 2018.